What I do

Taking charge of your health by eliminating pain, feeling more energised and vibrant, lifting your mood, encouraging a healthy weight or managing any women's health issues doesn't have to be a chore. I support busy women who, while taking care of everyone else and managing their lives, their careers/ businesses and relationships aren't able to fully take care of themselves and are feeling the effects.

Making the decision to be better and get better is the first key step. My nutritional and wellness support services will help you do the rest!

I provide a range of expert, professional nutrition and wellness packages to help you look, feel and be great including:

  • Holistic, yet practical, science-based nutritional support, advice and coaching

  • Results and goal focused programmes that allow you to see real results

  • Diet assessments and food shopping assistance,

  • Flexible packages to suit a range of budgets,

  • A service that truly meets your individual needs and doesn’t require you to compromise on taste or time.

My mission is to promote not only the benefits of wellthy living, but also the means of getting there through health and wellness coaching, nutritional advice, meal planning services, accompanied food shops, educational events and resource materials.



One-to-one, personalised and holistic nutritional support.

If you're ready to feel more like yourself again my nutritional therapy programmes can help by targeting a range of health issues including weight management, particularly weight around the belly,  women's health issues such as PCOS and Fibroids, digestive issues, the effects of stress, blood sugar imbalance, low energy and more.

Putting you, the whole you including your priorities, your challenges, your preferences and your individuality at the center of everything is what truly makes this therapy programme as unique as you are. 

Take that first step towards getting back to the real you and let's have a no-obligation, free chat about your health issue and look at some of the solutions. Just click the button below, or click to find out more. 


A One-off expert Opinion of Your Diet

A second pair of eyes is always beneficial, especially when it comes to your diet. In a personalised, one-off and no commitment session I’ll review your diet in line with your health goals and will offer practical, simple and reliable tips that you can implement straight away.

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Shop till you glow

Food shopping is where it all begins. Let's navigate those food aisles together. Click below to have an initial chat or complete the contact form. 

Unfortunately, this service is for the London region only. 


It's not what you know, but who...

Whether its a webinar, a talk or a peer-to-peer nutritional therapy group, connecting with others in real-time to share knowledge, resources and experiences is a key way to help us stay on track with our health goals.

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