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Having a sense of community and mutual understanding is what draws people to events. Packaging and delivering nutrition, health and wellness information in an engaging, informative safe and inspirational way is what galvanises change.

I am an experienced speaker, facilitator, event host and event organiser who has delivered events, facilitated workshops and lead talks for global corporates, small businesses, charities and the NHS.

Signature Events

  • Nourished, Well & Balanced Afternoon Retreat

  • Soul, Flow, Yoga & Wellness

Signature Talks & Workshops

  • Eat Well, Live Good: 4 Easy Steps

  • Creating and Living Your Wellness Vision

  • Fibroids: A Case Study; 

  • Thriving Through Stress Using Diet & Lifestyle;

  • Belly & Bloat Be Gone: Managing weight around the Middle;

  • Prevention is Better Than Cure: Preventing Type II Diabetes

  • Various Women’s Health topics, including PCOS, Fibroids and PMS.

Other services include:

  • Event hosting and management

  • Webinars

  • Group coaching programs