Helping you to realise your health potential so that you can realise your full potential.


What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching enables people to live to their fullest potential by helping them understand and address their own thought and behaviour patterns that might be getting in the way of meeting their health goals

Coaching and You

As a Nutritional Therapist, I see many clients who know what to do; it's just the doing it that's the problem. I've incorporated coaching into my Nutritional Therapy practice and have created a coaching service for this very reason. 

My health coaching is great for people who want to get started or re-ignited, motivated in their health. You might not have any health issues, but you know that you could be treating yourself a little better and just need the nudge to do it.

As your coach and accountability partner, I will work with you to:

  • Identify realistic, yet challenging health goals that you are excited to work towards

  • Pinpoint where you can make the most effective changes to habits that are no longer working for you

  • Hold you accountable for keeping your promises to yourself

  • Challenge thinking patterns that don't serve you and help you to look at new ways of thinking

  • Supporting you in developing a more nurturing relationship with you and your body to help you understand its signs and signals

  • Encourage a healthier relationship with food

Coaching can be anywhere from a one-off coaching call where we identify your goals and the strategies to meet them, to on-going support where we work together to help you identify, bring about and take responsibility for the changes needed to make lasting and sustainable changes to your diet, health and lifestyle. 


6 Session Program is £260. 

One-off Coaching session £46

Next Steps

You can get started today by scheduling your first coaching call. 

Once you have scheduled your coaching call I will be in contact to confirm the booking.




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