Making the decision to be better and get better is the first key step. My nutritional and wellness support services will help you do the rest!



One-to-one, personalised and holistic nutritional support.

If you're ready to feel more like yourself again my nutritional therapy programmes can help by targeting a range of health issues including weight management, particularly weight around the belly,  women's health issues such as PCOS and Fibroids, digestive issues, the effects of stress, blood sugar imbalance, low energy and more.

Putting you, the whole you including your priorities, your challenges, your preferences and your individuality at the center of everything is what truly makes this therapy programme as unique as you are. 

Take that first step towards getting back to the real you and let's have a no-obligation, free chat about your health issue and look at some of the solutions. Just click the button below, or click to find out more. 


Realise your health potential and realise your full potential.

Getting healthy requires change. Real changes to ways of thinking, ways of living and ways of being that often are the reasons that we're not seeing the results that we want to.

My coaching will hold you accountable to yourself, will encourage you to keep promises to yourself, will bring you out of your comfort zone and will challenge what you think to be true about yourself, your body and your health. ​


Remove some of the guess work

When it comes to understanding how your body is functioning and what it is trying to tell us, the blood speaks volumes. 

Using a range of markers to tell us how the body is functioning, testing allows us to understand which areas we need to act on, getting you to optimal health in the quickest possible time.

The test assesses 81 body functions including 13 body systems, nutrient deficiencies, allergies and toxicity, hormones and infection. This allows us to create a targeted plan of action.

Click to see a sample report.


It's not what you know, but who...

Learning has power in numbers.  

Packaging and delivering nutrition, health and wellness information in an engaging, informative and inspirational what draws people to events. I am an experienced speaker, facilitator, event host and event organiser who has delivered events, facilitated workshops and lead talks for global corporates, charities and the NHS on topics including:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

  • Weight Management

  • Stress Management

  • Fibroids

  • Women's Hormone Balance

  • Forming Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Habits


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