Refrigerated Goods


Shop till you glow

You know what you like but you don't know if it’s as good for you as it says.

All the healthy items are so expensive and you wouldn't know where to start with half of them.

If this sounds like you, I can help. Let's have some retail therapy in the supermarket aisle and shop together. I'll teach you my healthy eating, money-saving hacks while ensuring that you leave with what you need to make all the tasty, yet nutritious meals that you love.

Accompanied shopping tours include:

  • How to read food labels quickly

  • Getting the best money saving deals 

  • Aisles to avoid and ones to spend the most time in

  • Buying healthy treats

Get started and book your Retail Therapy Session today, or let's have a chat about some of your challenges when it comes to the supermarket shop.