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Dip. NT (CNM), mANP, mNNA

I am a true believer in the power of all of us to create the lives we want, including the health that we want. My mission is to promote not only the benefits of leading healthy, vibrant and thriving lives, but also the means of creating that life through holistic and tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice and support.

I empower, motivate and support those women who are already at the top of their game and who are making a difference in the world, be that corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, techies and professionals, academics and those nurturing beautiful young lives. We tend to wear multiple hats alongside those roles which might include mother, wife, partner, carer, lover, counsellor, bestie, chef and chauffeur! I aim to support female leaders of all aspects to be in the best health that they can be with a particular focus on women’s health and hormonal balance, Type 2 Diabetes, weight around the middle, stress and low mood.

What underpins my work is the belief that where women lead the rest of society follows. My services include one-to-one consultations, health checks and diet reviews, talks, workshops, online programmes and corporate services

Why Me?

  • I have been where you are - sick, tired and ready for change.

  • I have a passion for health, wellness and ethical living which drives everything I do. 

  • My mission is to support the health and well being of great women so that they can have a greater impact on the earth. 

  • I appreciate the practicalities and challenges yet the awesomeness of living in the never-sleeping, globally connected, 21st century and tailor my advice around that.

  • My approach straddles the lines between a theoretical, holistic/ functional medicine and a scientifically research-based approach. 

  • Oh, and I am a lovely person, who will never judge you for the challenges you have yet to overcome, or the ones that we will overcome together.


College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM); Diploma, Naturopathic Nutrition

Professional Memberships/ Registrations

Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA)

Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)

Professionally insured through Balens​


Winner, Wellbeing Product of the Year, 2019; Precious Lifestyle Awards


Food Coaching & Nutritional Therapy: Weight loss; Gut health, Women's health

Health & Wellbeing Coach: NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme

Corporate Speaker: Thriving Through Stress Using Diet, Lifestyle and Breath, 2018; Fibroids: A Case Study, 2017; Managing Stress through Nutrition and Lifestyle, 2016

Events & Talks: Founder, Soul, Flow, Yoga & Wellness; Speaker: Diabetes Prevention, Curly Treats Fest, 2018; Pauze UK, Thriving Through Stress, 2018; Speaker: Managing Fibroids, Noire Wellness, 2017; Speaker: Managing Fibroids, Black History Studies 2017

Health & Wellness event host and management: Iyanla Vanzant London Showcase 2017, Naturally You Day 2015, 2017; Day of the Goddess: 2018, 2015, 2014, 2013

The Journey

My journey in to health and wellness started at a young age and looking back at it now, I guess was forced upon me. From my Jamaican grandmother force feeding me "bitters" and Cerassie tea, to my parents dismissing chocolates, crisps and take-aways as "fake food," adamant that they had better at home. With the gift of hindsight and learning, I now realise that my grandmother's bitters were actually bitter herbs that are said to cleanse the blood and my parents were right about the virtues of real food. Although I felt deprived when compared to my school-friends who had packed lunches of chocolates, cakes, crisps and sweetened fruit yogurts, I am now extremely grateful the foundations of healthy eating were instilled from a young age.

At 19, whilst at university, I was hit with an illness that confused everyone. Despite biopsies, blood tests, x-rays and medical consultations, everyone was stumped. In the meantime, my mood was getting lower and my frustration with myself and my body was rising.

Through the intervention of private healthcare professionals, I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. My body had started to attack the good bacteria that is usually present in the nose. It had caused rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation through out my body. The illness lasted well over a year, the recovery period another year and I was on antibiotics and blood thinning aspirin for a number of months. The emotional effects of a long-term illness lasted much longer. 

This is where my health and wellness journey began - out of sheer fear of not wanting to experience such pain and confusion ever again. 

Although the health challenges are long behind me, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and understanding of what nourished my body, enhances my life and nurtures my soul. 


What they have to say...

I was suffering from cloudy mind, IBS, bloat, my stomach was hurting all the time, sometimes I couldn't sleep. Claudine, took the time to listen and understand my problem. On the first consultation we went in deeper about my health, Claudine understood straightaway.... I followed the plan and her advice, guideline, and her support for 6 months. I have to honestly say my health completely changed. I was sensitive to wheat, gluten, and dairy, once this was cut out from my diet, it felt amazing. By strictly following the diet (it was hard) it had really improved my health. My mindset started to open up from the mind fog, and my body felt great. I am still continuing with my diet even though I relapse - I know I can rely on Claudine to put me back on track. I have got to understand the mindset around my health. 

Thank you Claudine, you are amazing and keep up the great work of changing people lives through improving their health and adding value to them.

H. V., London

Nutritional Therapy & Health Coach Client

Many thanks for the awareness course, it was most informative and helpful in increasing a healthy diet. I’m glad to say I gave up taking sugar in my tea, which was an old habit. Now I pass on desserts quite easily. Thank you and God bless you. May you continue to make a difference in the lives of many more.

Z.N., London

Healthier YouNational Diabetes Prevention Program participant

“I found the consultation with Claudine calm and relaxing. She made it easy to communicate my feelings without judgement. Claudine opened my mind and helped me to understand how simple, little things I did can change my health for the future. The advice I received completely changed my life, I have so much more energy now and it has given me the freedom to get out and start socialising. I have already recommended my friends and family to Claudine for her patience and understanding. She goes the extra mile as far as my health and fitness is concerned..”

A. F., London
Nutritional Therapy Client

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2012 and have been taking prescription medicine since.  I become increasingly concerned about the amount of chemicals I was ingesting daily and also worried about the weight I have gained since I started taking prescription medicine and my inability to lose it. I felt bloated, lethargic, and was unable to focus and concentrate.

During our consultation Claudine was totally focused on me, carefully listened to my case history and was thoughtful with her questions to clarify all aspects of my case. Her consulting style was thorough, engaged and patient whilst being extremely sensitive throughout. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable, someone I could confide in, she was also very easy to talk to.

Claudine designed a diet plan for me including some herbal teas and recommended two supplements. She also educated me on the benefits of different food types such as brassicas, seeds and nuts. Claudine also gave me a list of food to avoid and suggested lifestyle changes to get me started; such as brisk walking three times per week for 20 minutes.

The plan for me was easy to follow because it was largely about food combinations, portion sizes and lifestyle changes. I did not feel hungry at any time and lost weight steadily and in conjunction with the supplements I began to feel energised. I was able reduce my prescription medicine from five pills per day to three within three weeks.        

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Claudine to my family, friends and colleagues.

She is a very knowledgeable and passionate natural health practitioner.

S.B., London
Nutritional Therapy Client

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